Do Your Engine, Lungs, & Wallet A Favor.

The WaterBos Pure Hydrogen on-demand technology can be used on cars, trucks, 18-wheelers, ocean vessels, mining machines, construction vehicles, and hospitals across the globe.
Revolutionizing Fuel
Refueling Innovation

About WaterBos

WaterBos was born from the desire to improve fuel efficiency in gasoline and diesel engines. This desire was motivated by two end goals: dramatic reduction in fuel expenses and dramatic improvement in air quality. To get there, we wanted more than a simple fuel additive, as fuel additives alone require ongoing expenses and ongoing attention. Instead, we envisioned a generator that would install quickly and easily on any vehicle and thereafter provide hassle-free, on-demand Pure Hydrogen for the life of the vehicle. And we wanted it all to happen in full compliance with engine warranties.

Years later, we’re thankful and excited to say, “We’ve actually done it.”

What Our Pure Hydrogen Generators Do

Our products inject Pure Hydrogen into the air intake of gasoline and diesel engines of all kinds. Through our patent pending process we divide water into its basic gaseous forms and split the elements in real time. What does this mean? It means more complete fuel combustion, which improves engine performance, increases fuel mileage, and decreases NOX fumes. The resulting pure oxygen is safe for use in a breathing mask (hence, our reference to hospitals) and the pure hydrogen actually has healing capabilities. As an added bonus, because our Pure Hydrogen generators are classified as a fuel additive, our systems do not void manufacturer’s warranty.

We Make the World Better

Why WaterBos matters in an oil-dependent world.

What if instead of breaking down our oil, burning it, and ruining our air, polluting our lakes streams, and oceans that we could use that very water to begin to turn our air back to the pure quality that it once was? What if there was a solution to remove the pall and filth from the atmosphere above our cities and towns?

It’s possible. One person at a time, one city at a time, one state at a time, one country at a time is what it’ll take to make a difference. It will not happen tomorrow, next week, or even next month. However, it only takes one person to step up and begin to make a difference: one exhaust at a time.

The answer is no longer guess work, but fact with successful testing. We can stick our heads in the sand and say, “Oil, oil, oil” until we chant ourselves into oblivion, but the fact remains the same: oil is a very beneficial and needed asset to a nation, but unless we wake up and realize that we must mix the un-mixable and blend the un-blendable, our nations will eventually fail.

The solution is clear. If we can leave the cars and trucks, buses and trains, our infrastructures of transit and commerce intact and just add one small ingredient called WATER into the mix and fix the emissions problem, the fuel shortage problem, the air quality problem and most other issues that we face! Then why would we not.

One person at a time, one city at a time, one state at a time, one country at a time is what it’ll take to make a difference.

Pocket Cell Technology™ can do just that. Removing over 90% of emissions, increasing fuel economy from 10 to 40%, keeping crankcase oil cleaner up to 2 to 3 times longer, pumping out pure oxygen into the immediate location and increasing engine performance and torque up to 30%.

What WaterBos Means for You

Why engines, lungs and wallets think we're awesome.


Each of the WaterBos Pure Hydrogen generators are designed to make engines operate more efficiently, thereby increasing both horsepower and torque. The result is better performance on the road, work site, or mine.


The WaterBos Pure Hydrogen generator actually cleans the atmosphere. We don't exaggerate when we say that the air that leaves your vehicle through the exhaust pipe is cleaner with a PC-1 installed.


The WaterBos Pure Hydrogen generator will soon be available in two models. Extensive testing has proven that one PC-1, the model designed for most everyday cars and trucks, will reduce fuel costs by over 20%.

Drive Further. Breathe Better. Spend Less.

(Yeah, we think that's a great combination, too.)